December 29, 2020

December 29, 2020

Stocks dropped today after hitting fresh record highs earlier in the session, as traders’ hopes for a larger round of direct checks to consumers faded.


Dow Jones finished -68 at 30,335

S&P 500 finished -8 at 3,727

NASDAQ finished -49 at 12,850


The 10 Year Treasury closed even yielding 0.93%

Oil prices closed up $0.38 ending at $48.00 a barrel

Gold prices closed up $3.10 ending at $1,883 an ounce


In the days’ stock news:


  • Lemonade — The insurance company jumped more than 9%, rebounding from their recent slide. The company’s lockup period from its July initial public offering expired on Tuesday, and shares fell sharply in prior sessions, including a nearly 14% decline Monday.
  • Boeing closed even despite the 737 Max embarking on its first commercial flight in the United States since March 2019. The Boeing plane was scheduled for a roundtrip flight between Miami and New York for American Airlines on Tuesday, and the airline plans to expand service with the recently ungrounded jet in the weeks ahead.


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