Law Group
March 25, 2020

Greenberg Financial partnered with an Arizona law firm with a history of distinguished performance and services. Greenberg Financial Group client’s will feel comfortable that their Estate Plan, Will or Trust will be reviewed, updated, and implemented exactly the way they want it executed.

Call Greenberg Financial at (520) 544-4909 set an appointment in order to review, update or create a new Estate Plan, Will or Trust

Daily Updates

January 19, 202.

Stocks closed up today as traders returned from a long...

January 15, 202.

Stocks dipped as traders considered details of President-elect Joe Biden’s...

January 14, 202.

Stocks closed down today after the Labor Department’s weekly jobless...

Monthly Updates

Dow 30,000.

November through January is traditionally the best time of the...

Rising COVID, F.

October has a bad reputation as it has been the...

Overdue Correct.

Technology stocks helped push the S&P 500 nearly 60% above...

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