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Your Financial Journey

We understand that each person’s financial journey is slightly different.  Some start early, others start later.  Some receive an inheritance, and others make every penny themselves.  These and other differences ensure that there is no effective “one size fits all” path to Living Your Dream.  At Greenberg Financial Group we work with you to create a financial plan that identifies your specific goals, considers your unique situation, and adjusts with you as your life circumstances and the market fluctuate.  Our highly customized service makes you our number one priority and is designed to stay with you as you start out, accumulate wealth, consider Pre-retirement, and enjoy Retirement.  We help you build your financial foundation so you can Live Your Dream. 
Greenberg Financial will prepare a comprehensive financial plan to set the groundwork for selecting the best financial strategies for you. From there, we will propose the most appropriate solutions for investments, income planning, estate planning and more based on your individual needs.

Starting Out

Greenberg Financial Group specializes in financial strategies that address the evolving needs of married or single young professionals and the milestones often achieved during this stage of life such as a new home purchase, marriage and having children. Developing a comprehensive financial plan early on will benefit you tremendously down the road. Greenberg will work with you to create a personalized plan for this phase of life and a roadmap that sets you up for the future, helping you address both short-term needs and long-term goals. If you can dream it, we can help you plan for it.

Pay Down Debt
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Accumulating Wealth

The purpose of the accumulating wealth phase is to save for retirement and build an asset pool that delivers a dividend income stream capable of supporting a secure financial future. You will maximize your earnings and savings while minimizing wealth eroding factors by reducing debt, increasing rates or return and improving protection with insurance. Saving and investing in place of consuming will generally build a larger financial pool that can be used later. The length of the accumulation phase will vary and is based on when you begin saving and when you plan to retire.

Build Assets
Invest In & Insure Dependents
Invest for Retirement
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The Pre-retirement phase occurs near the end of the Accumulation Wealth phase, approximately 10-15 years before retirement. At this time you will want to review your plan and ensure your finances are structured for the day you retire so there will be no mistakes. You will address things like converting your employer retirement plan into an IRA, learning about Social Security, and options for taking retirement disbursements.

Readjustment Plan for Retirement
Plan for Social Security and Medicare
Restructure Savings
Investments & Assets
for Retirement
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Retirement marks the beginning of the distribution phase, the time in your life when you start collecting on the various investments and retirement savings accounts you’ve set up throughout the rest of your life. You are no longer building wealth in this phase but utilizing your wealth to fund your retirement. For those in retirement, financial decisions in this stage of life require very careful planning since the needs of retirees are distinctly different than in the wealth-building years. In this phase, the primary focus is preserving your wealth and ensuring that your income needs are fully met. 

Manage Post Retirement Investment
Manage Disburssements for Retirement
Manage Post Retirement Income
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