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Posted July 31, 2020

Technology Keeps Pushing the Market Higher

Coming into the month the S&P 500 was 40% above the March 23rd low and had closed higher for 3 consecutive months.  After such strong gains it would be normal to see some profit taking, but the market moved higher at the beginning of July and steadily gained ground for most of the month.  Inflation […]

Posted June 30, 2020

Economic Recovery in Progress

 Coming off back to back gains in April and May that took the S&P 500 nearly 40% off the March 23rd low, the new month began with the widely followed index gaining another 6% before rising COVID cases put a weight on the rally.  Most of the month was like watching a heavy weight fight […]

Posted May 29, 2020

Rebound Continues

The old Wall Street adage “sell in May and go away” would not have been a good plan this year. The adage harkens back to a time when investors would leave for summer vacation and literally have no connectivity. Those time are gone. Most investors have not been through a pandemic in their lifetime, so […]

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