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Why Greenberg Financial

Greenberg Financial is both a registered investment advisor and a broker dealer. Their clearing firm, RBC, offers the Greenberg Financial advisors state-of-the-art technology, research, and financial planning tools. For over 30 years the Greenberg Financial Group, as a leading money manager in Tucson, has been committed to developing investment models that meet their clients’ needs and objectives.

Greenberg Financial advisors will guide you through your financial journey by protecting and developing a plan that is unique to you.

The Greenberg Financial Group is a local, Tucson based financial services company that serves the financial needs of a broad group of clients across the country.


Simply put, there is no substitute for experience. For over 30 years Greenberg Financial has provided financial solutions for you, the client. Greenberg Financial advisors, with their extensive experience, help their clients with financial planning, insurance protection, investment advice and money management.

Greenberg Financial advisors have assisted their clients through every bull and bear market dating back to 1985. The confident resolve of knowing what to do in market crashes is invaluable. A fundamental understanding of how to build a financial plan is the core to navigating our client's emotions through the volatile economic cycles. The multiple years of experience help the Greenberg Financial advisors create a portfolio suited for you and make it easier to guide you on your financial journey to happiness.


Customer Focus

At Greenberg Financial Group our relationship with our clients is our most valued asset. We actually get to know you, listen to your dreams and help you achieve your financial goals. Supporting you as our client while you travel on your financial journey, and helping you get to the place where you can live your dream is our primary goal. As caring professionals, it is important to us that you enjoy spending time with the advisors at Greenberg Financial and that you are served with kindness and respect. You are our top priority! We cherish the lifetime relationships we have with our clients, and we enjoy getting to know you and your family as you build your financial foundations. You are our focus!

Our Integrity

The core of our relationship with you is not about money. It is about your values and your dreams. Knowing this guides our interactions with all of our clients. It requires us to ask questions, listen, and get to know you. We want to know your hopes and your dreams. Only after we get to know you do we help you make the money management choices that will enable you to bring your dreams to fruition. YOU are our focus.

We are your financial planners, money managers and investment advisors: skilled in retirement planning investments, insurance, retirement planning, estate planning, and tax planning. We are here to help you build your financial platform so YOU can live your dreams.

Our Pledge

  • We pledge to truly get to know you and put your needs first.
  • We pledge to provide independent and objective advice.
  • We pledge to answer inquiries and phone calls promptly in up markets and down markets.
  • We pledge to review your financial situation on a regular basis to ensure that you are on track.
  • We pledge to be honest and candid.
  • We pledge to provide excellent value for the fees we charge.

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