7 Life Events During Which Investment and Planning Advice Can Help Your Nest Egg Whether the Storm

April 15, 2021

Good financial planning means adapting to past life events, developing strategies for current circumstances, and anticipating your future financial needs. Doing this successfully takes skill and research. But the best, long-term financial planning takes the advice of a professional – especially as your needs and the state of the economy changes. Failure to invest and plan accurately all but ensures an unfavorable outcome.

Whether it’s for retirement planning or general investing, sound financial advice could be your smartest move when it comes to securing your future. Here, we will cover some of the most common life events that make investing in financial advice a wise move.

Major life events are widely recognized in psychology as stressors that can predict the risk of heart disease, accidents, and other forms of hardship. They are also well known to pose a threat to your finances. For these reasons and more, whether they are currently present or anticipated, the following life events are a good sign that a professional financial advisor’s help might be in order.

Buying or selling a home

Buying or selling a home is always a significant life change. It requires the help of multiple licensed professionals for regulatory compliance and ensuring your finances come out healthy on the other end of the transaction.

Marriage or divorce

Marriage or the dissolution of a marriage is viewed by the government much like the merger or dissolution of a business partnership. For tax reasons and the health of your estate, sound financial planning is necessary.

A new child

Few things in life are as important or financially stressful as raising a child. Protecting your child’s future and your own is a big responsibility that is best not left to chance.


Illness or disability

Unexpected medical bills can spell disaster for your financial stability. Good insurance and careful health management are just part of the way you can weather this kind of uncertainty.

The death of a spouse

As emotionally devastating as the loss of a loved one can be, the resulting financial losses can be especially difficult to manage. This is a time when impartial and professional help is necessary.

Promotion, job change, or job loss

With changes to your income, new tax situations are a predictable result.

Approaching retirement or caring for aging parents

Everyone must plan for retirement, but retirement plans can be complex. A professional retirement financial planner can help you map out life and finances after the end of a career.

Other significant life changes with which investment and planning advice include a reduction in health insurance benefits and receiving an inheritance. If you experience any of these or comparable life changes, a Tucson financial advisor may be necessary to secure your future. To learn more, get in touch with the Greenberg Financial Group today. Our team of personal finance experts can help you to secure your retirement, protect your savings, and promote your interests well into the future.

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