Are We Connected?

Clients and a financial planner having a pleasant conversation
January 4, 2021

We understand and appreciate the importance of building solid, lifelong relationships with you, your family members, and others close to you. Many organizations will help you manage your retirement money, so thank you if you are part of the Greenberg family. 

No firm can have all the business, as different personalities and values send business to those who connect with a particular advisor. Perhaps there’s a family connection, or a business connection, or a connection via a referral. It really is all about connecting and whether you feel that you are being heard. After all, you do have a voice, it is your money, and your financial future may very well be at risk if that connection is weak. 

Technology has been a blessing and a curse. I have come to believe that we must always pay attention to the details. I’ve thought at times that I’m getting into the weeds with a client, but sometimes that is where the connection is made! Going the extra mile with a service-related issue, a phone call suggesting an alternative move, an idea that will save thousands in taxes – those are opportunities for us to connect with you! 

Please let us know if we ever fail to keep that connection! You can reach us any time at (520) 544-4909.

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