Coming To Grips With Your Own Mortality

March 3, 2021

I don’t know of anybody who starts their day thinking, “What if I die today? Is my family going to be OK? Have I accomplished everything I was hoping to accomplish during my lifetime? IS TODAY A GOOD DAY TO DIE??”

Having been in the financial services business for more than 26 years, I have come to appreciate just how significant the work is, that I do! Day in and day out, I can, and do, change people’s lives. And surprisingly, many people have never been asked those life changing questions, that deal specifically with death, dying, and living too long.

Our industry is often criticized because of a handful of agents who are driven only by the commission they earn, and care little, if any, about the welfare of the client and their family. In my book, they are amateurs, as they are selling something; professionals give their clients the opportunity to buy.

It is a fact we are all going to die. And as we age, the reality of that becomes more and more clear. So, on that day, how do you want to be remembered, and eulogized? Quite sobering, isn’t it?

I have talked with folks who say that it does not matter, because they are not going to be here. How sad, as the message you are sending to your family is a very selfish one. Perhaps they have yet to come to grips with their own mortality.

I have this conversation three to four times a day, every day. It is hard, but it is necessary, so I take my job very seriously. If they follow my advice and guidance, they will not only leave their family in a better place financially but will be sending a priceless message into the future.

Have you and I had this conversation yet??

Your friends at Moore Financial Strategies


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