Does Your Problem Need Fixing??

September 2, 2022

At Moore Financial Strategies, providing better financial outcomes has always been a way of life, and our focus. Our clients come in worried and anxious about retirement, issues of longevity, and their future health. Coupled with the uncertainties of life, things can be scary in “your golden years.”


What we have come to appreciate, is that PROBLEMS, not solutions, are paramount in the minds of our client’s. Studies have shown that people are more interested in fixing BIG problems, than they are in hearing about new opportunities and solutions. Once problems are addressed and fixed, opportunities take on new significance!


Long term care is one of those BIG PROBLEMS, that is on the radar of many within the older generation. While many husbands don’t view long term care as problematic, most wives do. Why? Because they are the nurturers, and usually do most of a family’s caregiving.


This past week a very dear friend of the firm passed away unexpectedly. As good of a job as he did in planning, there were still some things left undone. Is your house in order? Are things planned according to your wishes?


Let us help you fix those problems, so that your golden years can be enjoyed, shared, and appreciated.


The Moore Financial Strategies Team

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