Life: Fragile, Tentative, and Certainly Unpredictable   

January 5, 2021

“Time” is such a mysterious thing. So often we miss out on the present, by re-living the past, or in anticipation of the future. And with the many different relationships we have formed over the years, it can be difficult in managing them all. Undoubtedly, we will offend some whom we love dearly, while making an indelibly positive mark in the lives of others who we only know on a casual basis. 

We all are aware of families who have lost loved ones because of COVID. 

They were taken way too early in life, and many have left their families in disarray…. with lots of questions unanswered. “Why them? Why now? 

They were incredibly healthy; they had their entire life ahead of them.” 

Nonetheless, we need to move forward, sorting out the issues of life, and planning for our future. I tell people that if I ever write a book, it would be titled “Don’t Make the Mistakes I’ve Made.” And I have made plenty of them…. but I have learned from those mistakes, and now feel compelled  

to share what I have learned, hoping MY mistakes can be avoided.  Particularly when it comes to getting your life in order…because life is fragile, tentative, and certainly unpredictable. 

Is your house in order? Should something happen to you today, how would your family survive? Could they survive? Do you have a plan in place that addresses a premature death or an unanticipated long term care crisis? An old Indian proverb asks, “Is today a good day to die?” For many, the answer is “no,” as they have not done any planning, and would leave their family having to pick up all the pieces. 

Encouraging you to start 2021 with a plan! We can help…. 


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