Technically Speaking – March

April 6, 2022

Long Term support: SP500 4500 – 4450 then 4300- 4250

Long Term resistance: SP500 4620 – 4640 then 4735 -4800

Markets have had big swings and I believe the same patterns will continue. The markets do not have a lot of reasons to move significantly higher. Inflation is making the Fed raise interest rates quickly and investors fear a recession will be coming soon. While I believe a recession will happen, I just don’t see it happening soon. I see the slowdown in 2023 after interest rates rise aggressively. In the meantime, I expect a back-and-forth market. Use technical analysis to your benefit. As we fall to the lower parameters, step up and buy quality companies and or indexes. As we rally to the upper parameters, sell into the strength. DO NOT SELL your core portfolio. Add and subtract risk around your core. You can also use protection by buying put options or using inverse funds. Please don’t invest in protection unless you understand it. Come see us if you want to learn about portfolio hedging and protection. Personally, I believe markets will earn sub double digit returns over the next few years. Remember the FED is selling, not buying, so the back stop that was created over the last few years is disappearing. The markets will trade with more volatility so invest wisely.


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