To Protect and to Serve

January 4, 2022

In 1955, the Los Angeles Police Department conducted a contest for a motto for their police academy. Officer Joseph Dorobek had the winning entry… “To Protect and to Serve.” In 1963, the credo was unanimously approved by the Los Angeles City Council, and now resides alongside the City Seal, on all Department patrol cars.

In a recent conversation with one of our agents, I realized that the motto “To Protect and to Serve,” could also reside alongside the “Moore Financial Strategies” name, as this is what we do, day in, and day out. We witnessed six of our clients pass away in 2021, and fortunately, we had done the appropriate planning to safeguard those they were leaving behind. Their presence will be greatly missed, but the message they sent financially, will continue to live on.

Though many come to us seeking to build wealth, I let them know that our role is not to make you rich; it is to protect you from becoming poor. And we do so by implementing insurance strategies that make sure your best-laid plans are not sidetracked.

Successful individuals, in a world of uncertainty, look for ways to create CERTAINTY. And they do so by creating and implementing a plan. That plan will protect you, and serve you, in and through retirement. And we will be there every step of the way!

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