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November 4, 2020

Now That the Election is ( Somewhat ) Behind Us…..


No doubt that today, November 4, 2020, has created either extreme exuberance, or high anxiety, depending upon how your candidate fared. Nonetheless, the sun will still come up tomorrow morning, and it will still set tomorrow evening, like it has for thousands of years.


And I hope that those things that you cherish, such as your family, your health, and your relationships, will still maintain their rightful place in your life….as they should!


But perhaps you are concerned about your investments, your 401(k) plan, the annuities you have in your portfolio.  You may experience some volatility in your investment and 401(k) accounts come post-election, and that is to be expected. But that volatility is temporary, and short-lived. Any gains will, ultimately, be permanent. And your annuities? Shouldn’t be worried about those in the least. The insurance companies were designed for times like this.


We want you to leave the worrying to us, because setting you free from worry is part of our job. ( by the way, we’re not worrying, as it doesn’t change anything, and only makes us grumpy ) If you have a PLAN in place, and your goals and objectives have not changed, then you’ll be fine. Tinkering with things, and thinking that we know what the markets are going to do next, is not in our job description. Letting you know that things are going to be just fine, is our role.


Working with you and your family, is our greatest pleasure!


Mark and the Team at Moore Financial Strategies

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